There are some korean fonts that I uploaded
I'm so sorry there's a mistake on Link 1
There's a Luna Font, it's not Korean Font ㅜㅜ I'm sorry~~~
It's been 2 years since I uploaded the file so I won't change, please be advised ^^
Here's the fonts :

Link 1

Click here to download
Download others cute korean fonts
Click here to get more cute fonts

Taken from yoon design and naver blog 


Thank you :D

awesome! Thanks so much!!

감사합니당~~♥! ㅋㅋ ♥

This is a super cute font but when I download it, its a different font. Why?

This is might be little help
It isnt different font
Maybe Ur computer or laptop not support Hangul fonts or somethin wrong, hha :)

1. Download it
2. Extract files
3. Go to Control Panel
4. Click Fonts
5. Copy the fonts U've been extract. Then paste at there (Fonts)
6. Check Ur MS Word. Is it work ? If it isnt work, check Ur Computer / Laptop whether or not support Hangul fonts. If not, make it support, click here :

the hangeul font is not working for me :(
anc can i ask what's font did you use for your background?

thanks, but there's one problem:
it wont let me type in the fonts! heck, it wont even show up! and i tried what you said to do, but it still didnt work :(
what should i do?

aku ko ga bisa ekstrack fontnya yahh??

what's the font you used on writing "cha cha's online diary" ? ?? i that the same?

sorry for that! pliz check ur language option (at control panel), is it already support hangul (korean input sistem) ? btw, i use font named SONGSEONGHUN DONGHWACHE. Sounds weird, ha? hehe. u can download it at or send me email. i'll send that font to u as soon as possible.

make sure ur computer is already installed korean input sistem. if its not, let install it! u dont know how to install it? just type in google ^^

cek ulang aplikasi winrar/zip kmu apakah gak expired atau gmana, hehe. aku uda donlot ulang n msh bsa di ekstrak kog :)

no. that font named sdkwangsoo m. u can download it at or just send me email at !

와~ 너무 예뻐요~ :D 감사합니다!

Thanks a lot. It's quite pretty Korean fonts.
고맙습니다. 정말 예쁜 한글 폰트네요.

i have another fonts on my web =>

all of korean fonts

koq aq g bisa download filenya ya? bantuin donks??????

wah kenapa ya~ aku masih bisa donlot kog ;)

trnyata bisa didonlot tapi bukan lewat mozilla... koq aneh ya... hahaha :D
btw, makasih ya ;)

tolongin donk...
font koreanya g mw muncul di word... TT

Cek disini :

친구야... 고마워요,, 정말 이뻐요 >ㅅ<

"SONGSEONGHUN DONGHWACHE" - can you send this font to me?? BTW , thanks for sharing the other fonts -- it's a big help for me .. :)

Yup, btw where i send that fonts ?

thank you very much ♥
it works for me ,.. ♥♥♥
thank you for sharing♥

WAAAA <3 nomu nomu yehppudah ^.^
chincha gwiyopdah (:
gomapsupnida (:

this is such a great help~ 고맙습니다.~ ^^

고마워용 ♥
너무 귀여워요..

dear~, ga ada soft keyboardnya ya klo uda d install??

nggak ada, dear ^^
kalo aku sih alternatifnya, keyboardnya aku tempelin stiker keyboard yang ada huruf hangul + abjad nya

Tx..ya...cute font...really helping ^^

thank you for follow this blog :)

I tried but I cannot download the zip file, doesn't anybody knows why?

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me, I haven't found any other cute fonts anywhere else :(

do you have zip unlock application?
install it (Winzip or Winrar) and try to download file again
or check ur connection or ur download manager

hello. what would i do so that i can type hangul in my own laptop? i mean,like this when im typing,the characters will be hangul, how will i do it? pls help me


what OS do you use on ur laptop?
if you use windows, I can explain it ^^ please open "control panel" and then select "clock, language, and region" option, choose "region and language"
please choose "keyboards and languages" and then choose "change keyboards..."
you can add many language into your laptop there ^^
in "general" you must click "Add" and then select "Korean (korea)" and click "Ok"

Some laptop need OS CD to install it, but if you use Win7 or Vista, you don't need it
Just install it manually ^^ thx!


I love your banner font sist^^
Can i know...what font is that?

천만에용~~~! It's Rix Happy Virus M ♥

Hi! I really love your blog, and the font you put up here. I'm Korean-American (born in Korea), and I run a K-pop blog called:
I'd love it if you can share it with your friends or comment on it.


안뇽~! 내 블로그 사랑해주셔서 감사합니당 ♥
I'll put your site link in my blog's sidebar ^^

고 마 워 요…

언니 감사합니다~~~!

넹넹~! 천만에요 우리 동생 ;)

I love it! thank you... but what is the song you use for this blog? i really love the song ^^

You're welcome ^^
It's a song from C-Real (씨리얼) titled 'Sorry But I'

gue nggak bisa download font kwang soo...nggak dijumpa di mana2 sih dlm mana sih?

dari part 1 sampai part 7 aku emang nggak ada upload yang font kwangsoo (광수체)
kalo mau, please follow this link ::

say smua font ini ga bisa dipake di blackberry yah? kalo bisa, tau ngga app nya apa??

Setau aku bisa deh, say ^^ nggak pake app juga. Coba search di Google gimana masukin font ke BB tanpa applikasi
Aku kurang tau caranya, soalnya aku nggak apke BB ;) Good luck ya

can we use it on phone as well?
i need more korean fonts for my android device? ;_;

@Uen UUendry
Yes, you can use these font in your phone

aku udah ikutin cara yang diatas, udah masukin ke control panel juga udah ada di word. Tapi waktu mau make Hangul kok kembali ke calibri lagi ya? Jadinya gak bisa dipake ni T.T

I don't see where the side panel is? -.- Can someone help me? Do I even have to download that one website.

thanks a lot. I'll try and check them how do they work. u can check my blog here:

Maksudnya ngikutin 'diatas' yang mana ya? IME nya udah di install belum? Install ulang ya, siapa tau ada step yang kelewat ^^

@Rosemary Vang
What do u mean about side panel? There's no panel ^^ just click the "word" to download

You're very welcome, prash ^^

bisa gag sey KB font nya di kecilin?

Sepertinya nggak bisa, dear ^^ emang udah dari publisher sana nya ukurannya begitu

구마워요 >< ㅋㅋ 도와주셔서 과맙습니당~ 혹시, 한국어 어디에서 배웠어요? ^^

네 천만에요 언제 어디서나 한국어 배워요 ^^ 인터넷을 통해 더 많은 것을 배웠어요

Wonderful fonts <3 Thank you so much for sharing!!

Wow! You have alot of cute korean fonts here. Thanks for sharing it.

Yupssss you're very welcome ;)

Yupsss sharing is caring ;D you're welcome by the way~!!

최고 ^^ !! 고맙습니다 ;)

Yance Eras ( Min Yeon Young) delete May 2, 2013 at 9:38 AM

Is this work to blackberry ?
Onnie .. I want to write hangul in my smartphone :(
Do you know software for that ?
I really want .. Ohtokhae ? (˘̩̩̩.˘̩̩̩ƪ)
Can you help me ?
You can send that software to my e-mail ..
And my laptop can't write and read hangul too ..
I am so frustation ! Щ(ºДºщ)
Mohon bantuannya .. Dan aku menunggunya di email ku ..
Onnie .. Gomawoyo ♥(>̯┌┐<)•°

ada font yang formatnya apk nggak? ttf ga bisa dpake di android.. thanks

Try to change fonts format ^^

annyeong hasimnikka,,,
mau tanya aku pake windows 8,,, udah coba ngikutin yg seperti di tutorial untuk xp,,, tapi gak bisa,, di word font nya gak nambah2 koreanya,,, dan gak berubah,, tapi klo ketik huruf hangeulnya udah bisa pake IME ,,, chebalyoo,, chinggu,, kamsaheyo

Cara untuk Windows 8 nggak sama dgn Windows XP
Tapi kalo kamu udah bisa memunculkan IME nya, brarti step awal kamu udah berhasil ヾ(★^O^★)ノ
Kmu tinggal masukkan font² Korea yg udah kamu download ke dalam folder Fonts, karena biasanya font yg tersedia stlh kamu install IME adalah font basic Asia sperti Dotum, Gulim, etc
Setelah itu secara otomatis font² itu bisa kamu pake di Word ^^