U guys already know about a rookie group called Boyfriend (보이프렌드), rite ?
Nah, two members from that group catch attention from netizen or kpop lovers in the world
Yeah, Jo Young Min and Jo Kwang Min
They are twin !

These photos show that how difficult you can distinguish both of them
Is this Youngmin ? Is this Kwangmin ?
How cute they are XD

Still curious who's the older ?
Youngmin is O L D E R than Kwangmin
If you always watch their reality show *at M! Pick now* or their performances
It very easy to distinguish them
They said for the first time you see them, well, its hard
But if you start to care, give the attention, then know them well, and it can't be a big trouble to distinguish Jo Twins
So, why don't you give love and more attention for Jo Twins ?

Childhood Photos


But in their Boyfriend's MV, it easy to distinguish them
The one with blonde hair is Youngmin and the one who with black or brown -_____- hair is Kwangmin

In this photo
The one who wear black jacket is Youngmin and with blue jacket is Kwangmin
It's so hard, rite -____________-"

What's the different about these two ?
I found this compared photo from the most popular social network in the world :b

What do you think ?

Photos :: Naver
Shared :: Chichan-Onew


young min is so very cute!!!!!!!hehehehe

kekekek, agree
both of them are very cute :)

i <3 kwangmin & youngmin ><

kwangmin and youngmin... I love u... <3

i <3 youngmin

i like them both!haaha.so cute!

i like both but mostly i like 광민 <3

youngmin is cute but i like KWANGMIN!!!<3

Yeah, Youngmin is cute and Kwangmin too <3
Looks like Youngmin is younger than Kwangmin, but actually Youngmin are the hyung ;__________;"

Kwangmin is soooooooo my pick..sooooo cute^^

Kwangmin!! <3
i like youngmin too!^^

:) yes thats right. if you start to care, you can distinguish which is which. Kwangmin's smile is slightly different from youngmin. although its hard to distinguish them from some photos because of the angle of the photo itself. :)


yah~at first i thought that kwangmin is older coz he doesn't looks shy~~if two of them were same hair colour(black) juz like the pic at the top~~i'm sure that i can't distinguish both of them~its great that now their hair diifferent so i can know them~hwaiting for this twin~!!i will always support them n also boyfriend~!these twin just one year older than me HHE ~~

"if you start to care, you can distinguish which is which", that's right!

I already can distinguish both of them even though they have same hair, but the face structure are different XDD

Do you know, the pic at the top (1st picture of this entry) is just one person, that was KWANGMINNIE~~~

..YeaH!! tHIs BoYzz RoCkss My woRLd.. TheY maKe Me CRAzy.. WhoAA,,, HOw I wiSH I cOUlD bE YouRS , aND yOU WOulD bE MhiNE.. haha

sARAnGhAe OPpaS.. ♥♥ loVE u MuCh :))

whooo!!! i love young min!


i love young min eyes!

My boyfriend Jo Twins <3My boyfriend Jo Twins <3


Saranghae YOUNGMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waktu masih anak-anak young min dan kwang min ganteng ya......

omg so cute the twins was so cute :)0kkkkkkkk i love boyfriend the new k-pop band:))

yes, both of them are super cute ^^

they're both great guys!! i really <3 them!

Kwang min! <3

we all like them, don't we ♥
I love their dancing, pyong !

we all love them ㅅ_______ㅅ

luv u guyzzz.......... [<3]***

luv u guyzz...............[<3],pyong!........

kwangmin's jawline + head is a little wider...

Its always Desame. but for me,kwangmin is the best of all the rest of all the rest..............

they're so cute and pretty!! almost mistook them with park shin hye.. ^_^

OMG, can u see, he's very,very,very handsome!!!!!!

kwangmin so Cuuute!!!! >.<

i choose kwangmin. more cuter than youngmin ^^

thats the cute kwangmin, but now? Kwangmin become cool and make me love him moreee!!!

excuse me..can anybody tell me where they lives in Seoul.?.I meant where they was born and lives..?..

They was born and live in Seoul :)
I dunno where they lives in there, I just know their company's address

Starship Entertainment
Address : 577-92 Sonho Building 2nd Floor, Banpo-dong, Seocho District, Seoul Special City
Phone : 02-592-4000

Whoahhh ! Cute Youngmin & Kwangmin . <3

youngmin I LOVE YOU


both are cute.. but i love kwangmin most.. especially in their new MV he look matured with short hair...kwangmin♥♥♥

you are very cute twins

both are you are cute

they are sooooo cute

I love JO KWANG MIN !!!! kyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa !!!! I´m your fan number 1 !!!!!

they're cute! Can I know their religion ? Anybody can help me to know it?

Yes, they're super cute :)
Their religion is Christian

hhaha.. Jo Twin is Daebak..~! <3
I LOve JO TWIN :* mumumumumu~

MOMYGOSH, i love boyfriend <3

I like both of them.. :)
I hope I'm their girlfriend..
thats a big dreaming

I like both of them..
hope can meet them one time

yea if they had the same hair colour and wore the same clothes and had teh same hairstyle it'd probably be pretty hard to tell who's who, but that would be funny at the same time. love both of them!! thanks for the page :)

love kwang min much.................
i can forget you......
i like young min too..

do you know what the name for jo twins fan?
please tell me....
NB:sorry my english is bad

there's no official fan name for Jo Twins fans
it's just Bestfriend *official fanclub name of their group, Boyfriend*

The twins are very cute..Fighting Boyfriend

i <3 youngmin, kwangmin and minwoo ...they stole my heart. i can distinguish twins ~cheek bones are different~ kwangmin has a wider cheek bone <3 i <3 boyfriend and they'll always be in my heart ...
-love bestfriend <3

i can ditinguish both of them if they are next to eachother even with black hair because they bothh look extra kute-sies in their own little ways <3

Jo Kwang Min !
Saranghae !
I love you !

I super like Jo Kwang Min<3 He's so sweet and I love his eyes(^^)

They part their hair differently. Young Ming parts it to the right and Kwang Min to the left. :P

The first time I saw them I was Star Struck. They are so cute and charming. How I wish I can be their girlfriend. For me I can distinguish them because thier is part of Kwangmin that is different from Youngmin. If you really love a person you can really identify him even if he has a clone or a twin brother.........." Love You Forever Jo Twins":)-carla

they are so cute!!!

oh my god. .they are so cute. .
.i love you so much. .
.you 2 are the best. .

oh my gosh.
.i will be crazy about them.
.huhuhu.jejeje. .
.how i wish to be closer on you both.
. crazy :-)NIKKIE

you know what. . i'm not probably a kpop lover. . but first time i saw them . . i'v been a little bit crazy. .so i became die hard fans now.kaluka nuh?. . .jejeje.
. . .crazy :-)NIKKIE.

i love you young min and kwang min............your so cute

Kwangmin Oppa.you so cute...FIGHTING!!